Saturday, April 29, 2006

Attack of the blue foamy pterosaurs

It's amazing the things we'll do to avoid work. Here is me, today, with the foam tupuxuarid* skeleton that Mark and Graeme are making - so, if Mark and Graeme are making it, why the hell aren't they in the photo? Well, because this is my blog site and I'll show what the hell I like. But seriously, yet again the image is something I've ripped off from Mark's site (link below - do visit for general hilarity, some of it pterosaur related). I have a special fondness for Tupuxuara and its relatives, as will be demonstrated by future posts (and by Martill & Naish, in press.. but more about that when it's out).

* 'Tupuxuarid'? What the hell kind of name is that? Stay tuned.

Actually, I didn't just muck around today - I worked hard on my thesis of course. Putting the last touches to it now. Did the final runs of my theropod data matrices, and got excellent results that I'll talk about here in the near future. Mirischia and Proceratosaurus both tyrannosauroids? Jinfengopteryx a basal troodontid? Compsognathids a paraphyletic assemblage of basal coelurosaurs? Lourinhanosaurus not an allosauroid? And what of Eotyrannus? All will be revealed...

Much blue foam pterosaur goodness at...

Back to the thesis.


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